Photos from the Spring 2020 Competiton

Photos from the finals night of Spring 2020 Comp

23 Feb 2021 by Steve Montgomery

BCTT-Spring-2020-064.jpg Chris Talbot - WITC
BCTT-Spring-2020-077.jpg Andrew Maguire - Buchanan Gray
BCTT-Spring-2020-123.jpg Philippa Morris and Paul Solt - Kingdom Music
BCTT-Spring-2020-144.jpg H2R LTD vs The Treasury
BCTT-Spring-2020-245.jpg Adelaide Motel - Division 2 winners
BCTT-Spring-2020-295.jpg Nick Johnstone - WCC
BCTT-Spring-2020-323.jpg Liam and Dean - Springload
BCTT-Spring-2020-416.jpg Left: WITC, winners of Division 1 and runner up Buchanan Gray
BCTT-Spring-2020-426.jpg Adelaide Motel, Bruce and Tim winners of Division 2
BCTT-Spring-2020-433.jpg Class of 2020

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I'm the primary organiser/owner of the Business Class Competition. I started playing Table Tennis about eight years ago. I've carried the passion on throughout my game and help form this competition. I think this is probably best competition that Wellington has to offer in Table Tennis. For the most of the time, I run Sproutmedia a video production business with a primary focus on delivering high-quality video content.